The LICHTER ART AWARD in its second edition has grown qualitative and quantitative. And has kept its internationality, therefore the competitors list was composed by local and regional participants coming from Offenbach and Kassel and from far as Sydney or Toronto. More than 40 candidates were in the running for the big prize. The content from the video works sent in ranged from conceptual to very 'light' visuals.

The award ceremony takes place march 26th at 8 p.m. along with the vernissage.

Dear What's Your Face (2010) - video installation by Oliver Husain. Video still courtesy of the artist © 2012

Award Winner 2012

Oliver Husain is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Toronto. After studying film and media art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, Germany and Baroda, India, he started working as a music video director.

The installation Dear What´s Your Face (2010) from Oliver Husain deals with the idea of cinema and generations of film making trying to bring out the best of the human emotion and bare reality and the silliness of it into the silver-screen. This work comprise of so much delight in seeing the human form and its sensual appeal. Elements that should be present in any good work of art or cinema. The blending of this two art forms are perfectly depicted in this work. The jury was unanimous in giving the Lichter Art Award 2012 prize to Oliver Husain.

Jury 2012

Mike Bouchet is an international know multidisciplinary artist, native of New york, but since some years based in Frankfurt. In 2009 Bouchet took part in the 53th Venice Biennale and had a solo show in the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt am Main.

Saul Judd is a Frankfurt based independent curator and since 2010 the responsible for the video Art section of the festival where he curated exhibitions like 'stimulus kino' with Keren Cytter and Rebecca Ann Tess among other artists. He started in 2011 the LICHTER Art Award.

Sophie von Olfers, a native of berlin and since 2010 the curator of the Kunsthalle Portikus. Previous curatorial engagement was at Frankfurt's Museum for Modern Kunst where she curated 'Not in Fashion' a very successful exhibition about fashion and photography in the 90s.

Maikäfer flieg! (2006-12) © Sabine Loew 2012


Sabine Loew is a film and theater maker who works with different disciplines. She is a Frankfurt resident. Maikäfer flieg! (2006-12) is a multimedia work that exposes an old children's german song to a whole new punk rock style.

EXPOSURE (the Twins) (2012) © Young Joo Lee 2012

Young Joo Lee is currently student at Städelschule. Lee develops performances, installations and a range of multidisciplinary works. EXPOSURE (the Twins), (2012) is a tale of two sisters. One of the sisters is called Lucie, she stayed at home most of her life because of a strange sun exposure illness. She spends most of her time in conversation with her self made puppets. But one day things change as she steps out into the world.

The distance between one and another (2012) © Yuki Kishino 2012

Yuki Kishino is since 2011 student at the Städelschule. The distance between one and another (2012) is a video installation where Kishino reveals his past encounters and memories in the great tradition of film making of Guy Debord's Sur le passage de quelques personnes à travers une assez courte unité de temps (1959).

READ ME (2011) © Clemens Willhelm 2012

Clemens Wilhelm lives and works in Berlin. Wilhelms works are about investigating realities of life. Using different media he observes and communicates human situations and behaviors. He tries to find some answers to the simple but important question of what comes next in life. In the work READ ME (2011) Willhelm shows different sessions of palm readings done by several chinese palm readers. READ ME could be seen as a portraiture of what could happen next.